Isaac Cohen not only challenges himself but also those who
enjoy viewing his works.
Sometimes his genius is difficult to understand. Therein lies its
beauty with its simplicity waiting to be discovered.
The phrase, “It’s all a matter of perspective.” when applied to
Isaac is merely the title of a exceptionally large and ever
being added to book.
The more one views and studies Isaac’s creations the more one
appreciates his artistic eye and discovers their self yearning
to be able to perceive the universe through his eyes.
One is motivated to move their self around his art so that
there is a discovery of a thrilling way of visualizing.
Then, like any exciting discovery, you find just the right vantage
point and it all comes together - the message is made brilliantly clear.
The Lessons of Hanukkah
There have been numerous invasions and conquests of Israel. Around 170 BCE, the occupying, idol worshiping pagan Greek-Syrian king, Antiochus IV, had desecrated the Jewish Holy Temple in Jerusalem by destroying Temple holy items, erecting a statue of Zeus in the Temple, sacrificing pigs among other atrocities in the Temple.
Much of the Jewish population had been assimilating and abandoning their Jewish heritage - to get along, go along. One priestly Jewish man, Judah Maccabee, fought to end
  the occupation by leading a three year revolt against the occupying invaders. They were outnumbered fifteen to one.
Following the defeat of Antiochus the Jews began the restoration to rededicate the Temple. They discovered a small vile of holy oil in the ruins used as fuel for the Temple’s lamps, enough for one day. It would take eight days to make the required ultra pure olive oil. The small vile of oil lasted for eight days.
The Hebrew word Hanukkah means to dedicate.
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