- 2010 -  
Isaac has, for quite some time, wanted to find a way to somehow express his deep appreciation for the wide range of benefits and opportunities there are in living in the .
He has known, with certainty, that it is due in large part to the efforts and sacrifices made to keep our country safe and strong by our
US Military and their families.
His desire to express his feelings have come down to his fabricating a
He wishes it to symbolically represent the combined efforts of all our military forces.
"All gave some ... Some gave all."

Through this, Isaac's latest Art Car, he hopes to honor our
past, present and future
guardians, warriors, and heroes of
our freedom and our way of life.
  In his humble and respectful way, he is saying -  
  To All Our HEROS
Past, Present and Future
The F-18 has an exceptionally solid steel frame.
Isaac has made every effort to remain as true to scale as possible.


Isaac's F-18 Art Car as it appeared in Houston's Art Car Parade, May 8, 2010
The following photos show the progress of Isaac's constructing his F-18 Fighter Jet.









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