Isaac Cohen has been designing and making custom furniture to meet a wide variety of uses for over 35 years.

He has created varying shapes and sizes of specialized retail counters serving a wide range of unique commercial needs.

Added to this are his wide ranging one of a kind pieces to meet office and residential needs that always exceed customer expectation.

Shown in this web site are only a very few of his
elegant pieces that celebrate sensual curves to
unparalleled artistic pieces worthy of proud display.
Isaac's skill with wood defies limits.

He is able to see into the wood, listen to the wood.

Through his eyes, hands and, most importantly, his heart he allows the wood to express itself in ways never before imagined.

Effortlessly, Isaac brings the wood's spirit through. Simple words that attempt to help define Isaac's style - Varied, Complex, Breathtaking.

Who is
Isaac Cohen?
Thousands have enjoyed viewing and experiencing Isaac's creations. But, few have had the honor and pleasure to get to know the real Isaac.  What makes him tick? In a special guest appearance in Houston, Texas, September 19, 2012, Isaac opens and honestly shares himself.
A 37 minute YouTube video gives you a rare opportunity.
A special thanks is extended to Tracey Bautista, a noted Houston artist, for making this video possible.
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Isaac Cohen, award winning Art Car artist, is interviewed by Univison's Grace Olivares Hernandez for the "Nuestra Vida" program in May, 2012.

He discussed Houston's renowned Art Car Parade, a family friendly event, which draws well over 200,000 spectators each year.

Cohen, critically acclaimed for his artistry, has won numerous awards for his cars and is always a crowd favorite.

(For a closer look at the artistry of Isaac Cohen's cars click here.)

  Isaac Cohen has again created yet another outstanding work of art. The making of this new, 12 foot tall, stainless steel, larger than life size, Hanukkah Menorah was contracted by the Chabad Outreach of Houston,Texas.

  Hanukkah is a Jewish Holyday also known as the eight day Festival of Lights. It commemorates and celebrates the three year long victorious battle by a small group of Jews in Israel against the pagan, idol worshiping Greek-Syrian invaders who desecrated the holiest of Jewish sites in Israel, The Temple, 167 years BCE.

  Isaac’s magnificent sculpture went on display December 20, 2011 inside The Galleria in Houston with the lighting of the first night's candle in keeping with ancient traditions and Hebrew blessings. An additional candle is added and lit every night shortly after sunset until all eight candles are lit.
Click here to see construction to completion.
Allow time for download.

Isaac has, for quite some time, wanted to find a way to somehow express his deep appreciation for the wide range of benefits and opportunities there are in living in the .
He has known, with certainty, that it is due in large part to the efforts and sacrifices made to keep our country safe and strong by our
US Military and their families.
His desire to express his feelings have come down to his fabricating a
He wishes it to symbolically represent the combined efforts of all our military forces.
"All gave some ... Some gave all."

Through this, Isaac's latest Art Car, he hopes to honor our
past, present and future
guardians, warriors, and heroes of
our freedom and our way of life.
  In his humble and respectful way, he is saying -  
  To All Our HEROS
Past, Present and Future
The F-18 has an exceptionally solid steel frame.
Isaac has made every effort to remain as true to scale as possible.


Isaac's F-18 Art Car as it appeared in Houston's Art Car Parade, May 8, 2010

To see and enjoy the construction progress of
the evolution of Isaac's F-18 Art Car click here.

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A King-Size Curved Headboard
Never one to rest long between creative projects, Isaac designed, fabricated and completed a superb bed.
This time he curved very thick wood pieces to make an elegantly curved headboard for what is a luxurious bed.
Again, Isaac shows us his phenomenal skills with curving
wood to showcase the wood’s potential.

Isaac's Round Sales Counter for a Large Houston Furniture Store

The round flat crown will eventually have recessed lighting.
Originally he had designed two intersecting arcs that rose up from the counter top.
All his concept and construction.









To see the round
counter as it evolved
click here.

Furniture - varied and complex
—  Click on the following pictures to see a larger view.  —
  The subtle lines and delicate curves that produce the powerful visual appeal form the exterior of very solid construction. Interior materials and design render the furniture more sturdy and solid than standard or expensive furniture. Intended for long term use, each piece is an elegant blend of beauty and substantial functionality not afraid of use.

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